The Office of Resilience creates and implements Emory's resilience strategy across primary functions such as critical events preparedness and response, business continuity, and enterprise resiliency. This framework bridges the existing operational, educational, and research activities of the Emory enterprise relevant to enterprise resilience from catastrophic event prevention, protection, response, mitigation, and recovery. This office also coordinates the resources of the Emory enterprise to ensure an orchestrated response to an event or disruption including COVID-19 response and recovery.  

Departments within Resilience

Amir St. Clair

Chief Resilience Officer

Amir St. Clair

Amir St. Clair serves as chief resilience officer (CRO) responsible for directing and implementing Emory's resilience strategy across three primary functions: emergency management, business continuity, and enterprise resiliency. This work is coordinated within Emory’s Enterprise Risk Management structure. The CRO works with enterprise-wide partners to enhance existing frameworks and decision-making processes for the enterprise to respond with agility to future disruptions and advance post-disruption operations. As part of the overall resilience plan for the enterprise, St. Clair also oversees the COVID-19 response and recovery. In this role, he is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Emory’s COVID-19 response strategies, planning, policy development, and recovery operations.

Prior to joining Emory, St. Clair served as assistant vice president at Aurora University. In that capacity, he provided leadership for the university’s emergency management and crisis operations functions, as well as supported campus operations areas, including facilities, information technology, and public safety. 


Cary Sheahan, Senior Program Coordinator, CEPAR

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