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Srinivas Pulavarti

Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Srinivas Pulavarti, chief investment officer of Emory Investment Management (EIM), oversees the over $9 billion portfolio of diversified investments owned by Emory University, Emory Healthcare, The Carter Center, and their associated retirement plans and affiliated entities. Pulavarti and the EIM team develop adaptable, long-term investment strategies for Managed Funds which position the portfolio in a way to maintain purchasing power, generate growth via generous returns, and enable Emory to be a commanding global university attracting top-flight students and faculty alike. Pulavarti oversees all investment decisions of Managed Funds including asset allocation, portfolio management, and manager selection, and reports to the Executive Vice President for Business and Administration as well as the Investment Committee of Emory University’s Board of Trustees.

Pulavarti joined Emory from UCLA Investment Company in Los Angeles, where he was president and chief investment officer from 2012-2018, managing approximately $2.3 billion for UCLA Foundation and its affiliate organizations. With nearly 25 years of investment experience managing assets for endowments, foundations, and pension funds in the U.S., Pulavarti served from 2005-2012 as president and chief investment officer of Spider Management Company, an asset management affiliate of the University of Richmond. While there, he conceived and built the first successful outsourced CIO model in a university environment.

Previously, Pulavarti served as director and head of global investment strategy for Citigroup Pension Investments in New York, as director of investments at Johns Hopkins University, as portfolio manager and manager of investments at Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company, and as senior fixed income and sovereign research analyst at Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from Bangalore University in India, and a Master of Science degree in applied economics from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Srinivas Pulavarti
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer 


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