Employee Spotlight

Po-Ming Wong

Director of Treasury and Cash Management


Po-Ming Wong

Po-Ming Wong oversees the management of cash and liquidity needs for the Emory University enterprise, including cash forecasting, assessing short-term borrowing needs, and advising of short-term investing initiatives. Other responsibilities include cultivating and maintaining banking relationships to ensure Emory’s banking structure operates efficiently and effectively. She also serves as the contact for the Treasury Department on cross departmental projects.

"My favorite thing about Atlanta is the cultural diversity mixed with the gentility of Southern culture."

Wong grew up in Atlanta, but moved to and spent twelve years in Durham, North Carolina. During that time, she experienced Durham from the small, sleepy, Duke-driven town to the vibrant metropolitan city it is today. While there she opened and managed a women’s clothing and jewelry boutique. She also saw a vast change in size and diversity when she moved back to Atlanta, which is what gave her the draw to return "home" in 2019.

When asked what four famous people she would like to have dinner with, I was fascinated by not only the people she chose, but also the reasons behind the people. She chose: Jean-Georges Vongerichten to create wonderful food for the evening, Pema Chodron to inspire the guests with her meditation and mindfulness strategies, John Coltrane to discuss music and art culture, and Warren Buffet because, "he’s an interesting person and would give good financial advice."

While she is waiting for the pandemic to pass and working to stay positive and grounded (thanks to the teachings of Pema Chodron), Wong does have her eyes set on her next travel destination: Copenhagen, Denmark. She can’t wait to visit Chef Rene Redzepi’s world-class restaurant and enjoy 20-course meals.

Wong has a huge passion for food. Her top-three restaurant selections are impressive, and she says she would be happy to share them, if asked.